Pre-Congress Symposia

Pre-Congress Symposia

The Local Organising Committee offers possibilities for organising Pre-Congress Symposia on Monday 28 August 2017 and Tuesday 29 August 2017. Selected Proposals will be scheduled, firstly, on Tuesday 29 August 2017, according to the time allocation displayed in the Preliminary Programme. Additional approved Pre-Congress Symposia, which exceed the Congress Venue provision of rooms for the day, will be scheduled on Monday 28 August 2017 to maintain the Programme of the whole event as compact as possible

While it is expected that organisers take full advantage of the Tuesday 29 August 2017, 9.00 – 13.00 hrs time slot dedicated to Pre-Congress Symposia, shorter events can be accommodated

The LOC welcomes Pre-Congress Symposia by international project consortia, international organisations, stakeholders and interest groups, and sponsoring organisations or companies

The Pre-Congress Symposia can be organised according to (a combination of) the Congress Formats (i.e., Academic Presentations; Stakeholders, Practitioners and Industry Representatives’ Presentations; Round-Table Discussions) and/or Workshops, Training Courses, Final/Interim Project Events

Economic Conditions and Pricing

Differential pricing conditions will be applied based on the nature of the Proponent, according to the following Economic Conditions and Pricing List


Facilities Cost for the Proponent

Fee Per Participant Registered at the Congress

An Individual EAAE Member Registered at the Congress Free 15€
An Individual EAAE Member, Registered at the Congress, who is Member of an International Project Consortium too Free 15€
International Organisation (i.e., ONG), Stakeholder and Interest Group 2,000€

(+ 22% V.A.T.)

Corporate Entities 5,000€

(+ 22% V.A.T.)


Please note that the Fee per Participant covers two refreshments

Proposal Template; Deadline and Procedure for Submission

Pre-Congress Symposia Organisers are required to submit their proposals logging in the Congress instance of ConfTool Pro at New users will have to register an account with the System by clicking “Create account and submit contribution”

In planning their Pre-Congress Symposia, Organisers may wish to take advantage of the following Template to collect the necessary information, ready for being transferred into the dedicated ConfTool Submission Form. The enclosed Template marks with an asterisk (*) the fields which can be transferred in the Online Submission Form. Please note that a PDF version of the Template, filled out, has to be uploaded as an attachment to the Online Submission

Pre-Congress Symposium Proposal Template

Pre-Congress Symposia will be adjudicated, provided they are in accordance with the XV EAAE Congress Theme, of interest also to the Congress audience and of high quality, on a “first-come-first-served” rule, until the Congress Venue room allowance is exhausted. Hence, do not miss the opportunity to put in your candidature early!

The Deadline for Submitting a Pre-Congress Symposia Proposal is April 30, 2017

Notification of acceptance will be sent out on a recurring basis, according to the number of Proposal received

Further information can be obtained, and custom arrangements can be made, contacting or leaving a comment in the form below (please note that Comments are moderated)

Meeting rooms

The Local Organising Committee offers suitable meeting rooms at the Congress Venue to associations, organisations or project consortia wishing to take advantage of the event to organise ‘internal’ meetings
Details can be obtained contacting


  • OECD - contact: Dimitris Diakosavvas ,

    A pre-conference OECD session on “The Need for Policy Coherence Towards Sustainable Productivity Growth”. We plan to have three or four presentations (3 from OECD and perhaps one non-OECD), plus one discussant (non OECD).

  • Mario Veneziani Post author ,

    Dear Dimitris, nice hearing from you and hearing of the OECD interest in the XV EAAE Congress!! We are delighted and welcome the Pre-Congress Symposium you are proposing. We are making a note of your candidature, while we wait for your kind submission of the filled out proposal template (you can find it at and its subsequent submission using ConfTool Pro ( Should you require any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, Mario (on behalf of the Local Organising Committee)

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