The XV EAAE Congress will take place in the newly built and recently inauguarated Congress Centre at the entrance of the Campus of the Università degli Studi di Parma, on the outskirts of the City (for the Parallel Sessions) and at the Campus Auditorium (for the Plenary Sessions). Within the same Campus, the two buildings are actually 800 metres apart, 10 minutes on foot

Nestled in a 77 hectares of greenery, the Congress Centre has represented the starting point of a large scale investment in infrastructural development by the Università degli Studi di Parma, which has culminated in the Mastercampus Project. The Mastercampus Project will endow the Campus with a Plaza, a Restaurant, Student Accommodations, Kindergartens, Food Labs, a Photovoltaic Garden and an area hosting Spin Offs

The Congress Centre consists of 20, fully equipped, rooms capable of accommodating each and every need of the organisation of the Congress. Room size allows for seating between 80 and 200 people, while a recent refurbishment of the premises has created a permanent poster area perfect for displaying these contributions. Participants will be able to take advantage of the vast outside area (under the photovoltaic panels and the trees) to enjoy meals and coffee breaks, as well as to network and chat about their most recent research efforts. Likewise, a permanent computer room is equipped with 50 PCs for the benefits of those wishing to do some work on a desktop computer

Because of the distance between the the two buildings composing the Congress Venue, a dedicated bus transfer service will take the participants from the Congress Centre to the Auditorium, and viceversa. Those who are in the position and willing to walk the short distance between the two buildings will enjoy the opportunity of some light physical activity in between the Congress events

The Plenary Sessions will take place at the Campus Auditorium, where the room can accommodate 500 people, while additional seating will be provided in a separate room, connected with a two-way videoconferencing system which will allow for making questions and full interaction

Because the Congress Venue is beyond walking distance from the City Centre, where most of the recommended hotels will be located, the Organisation will provide the participants with a shuttle bus service connecting their hotels and the Congress Venue before the first session of the morning and, continuously, throughout the day. Moreover, interested participants will be able to cover the distance renting the city bikes and biking along the system of bike routes of the city