Welcome in Parma and to the XV EAAE Congress!

Parma offers different hotel and non-hotel accommodation solutions for your stay during the Congress period. The LOC, in collaboration with Parma Incoming (the PCO), has selected a number of hotels to meet your needs in terms of location and services, and has organised a shuttle bus service to facilitate your transfers between the hotels and the Congress Venue

We are very happy to announce you that we have reserved a number of rooms in different hotels in Parma with the best available rates
We also guarantee you a shuttle bus service that will connect very frequently each hotel, reserved through the link below, with the Congress Venue and with all the other Social Events (e.g., the social dinner)

Book your accommodation with shuttle service included using the button below!!

Make your reservation soon! Participants are recommended to reserve hotel accommodations as soon as possible, to have access to the most options available
For further information on the hotel reservation, please contact booking@parmaincoming.it

There are more options!

The hotels included in the on-line booking system signed specific agreements with us for the number of rooms and the special rates, but Parma and surrounding areas offer many other accommodation opportunities: other hotels, hostels, B&B and agritourisms. For more information and a full list of options, visit http://turismo.comune.parma.it/en/thematic-channels/hotels-and-restaurants/where-to-stay Upon choosing your preferred option, you can proceed making your own reservation directly with the provider

We will pick you up! Also for the additional accommodation options above, we will guarantee a shuttle bus service that will connect with the Congress Venue from specific meeting points in the city centre (details coming in due course). Participants can also hop on the regular bus lines linking Parma city centre with the Congress Venue (lines 7, 14 and 21)

To make your stay in Parma even more enjoyable, should you require any additional logistic assistance such as specific requests for group of people, families, transfers from and to the airports, reservations for dinners, tours to discover Parma and its province and more besides, please email info@parmaincoming.it or call +39 0521 298883

Pay Attention!

Should you be contacted by any company or agency different from Parma Incoming or should you find on-line hotel bookings, other than those linked from the Congress website or other than the usual reputable ones, offering housing for the XV EAAE Congress in Parma, please note that these companies/websites are neither authorized to represent the LOC in any way, nor they have access to the list of hotels and rates negotiated by Parma Incoming