The EAAE Congress is the triennial event that brings together the whole Association Membership, providing an important occasion for the exchange of innovative ideas on research and teaching in the field of Agricultural Economics and related ones. Moreover, it has been the traditional venue for establishing long-term research collaborations instrumental to succeeding in the most challenging research proposals and projects. Lastly, the Congress has become a time of fruitful dialogue between academia, agribusiness and policy makers fostering the development of the agri-food sector and national economies as a whole. Particularly in this role, the Congress has reflected the vision and commitment of the late elected EAAE President Prof. Giovanni Anania, who will be greatly missed and whose outstanding contributions to the Association and the profession are recognised by many
Usually, the Congress features a balanced combination of Plenary Presentations; Organised Sessions, Roundtables and Symposia; Consortium Meetings of EU-funded Projects; Invited Presentation and Posters from all Congress stakeholder groups

Where we have come from

EAAE Congresses Storyboard

The prospects of the agricultural sector at the turn of the New Century and Millennium, also closely related to the CAP reform stage known as “Agenda 2000″, were investigated in the Congress “European Agriculture Facing the 21st Century in a Global Context“, held in 1999 in Warsaw (Poland). The 2002 Congress in Zaragoza (Spain) “Exploring Diversity in the European Agri-Food System” preceded yet another landmark reform of the CAP. The Fishler Reform introduced, among other, the radical innovation in the disbursement of public support to farmers in the form of (decoupled) Single Farm Payments (SFP)

As new and emerging concerns were expressed by academics, private farms and firms, stakeholder groups and policy makers in the area of agriculture-food-society, the Themes of the EAAE Congress evolved to tackle them, offering analyses and possible solutions. In turn, the 2008 Congress in Ghent (Belgium) “People, Food and Environments: Global Trends and European Strategy” took into explicit consideration the role of the Environments, in a globalised world. Likewise, risk and uncertainty assumed centre stage in 2011 in Zurich (Switzerland) “Change and Uncertainty – Challenges for Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources“, while health and innovation were the focus of the last edition in Ljubljana (Slovenia) “Agri-Food and Rural Innovations for healthier Societies

Where we are going to

The EAAE Congress will be back in Italy, after 12 years, to take place in Parma from Monday, August 28th to Friday, September 1st. The main theme of the Congress, linking back to the 2002 one in Zaragoza, “Towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems: Balancing between Markets and Society” aims at fostering an open discussion between academia, stakeholder and interest groups, civil society, industry representatives and policy-makers, in an attempt to co-create ground-breaking solutions to complex and ever more pressing issues. Therefore, you are kindly invited to foresee your contribution to the Congress from this very moment!

Stay tuned for the Call for Contributions which is coming very soon and will spell out the different ways to have a prominent role in the Congress. For the time being, save the dates in your calendars!