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The Theme into context

Agri-food systems in Europe and elsewhere often face conflicting incentives and signals arising from markets and society, and need to make trade-offs. Sustainability advocacy groups are putting societal concerns like animal welfare, food safety, cultural heritage, food sovereignty, carbon footprint on the agenda of policy makers and stakeholders in the food value chain. However, there are many challenges to overcome, especially when more sustainable food systems face conflicting goals and households’ purchasing decisions are mainly price driven
Policy makers, therefore, face increasing challenges in balancing these concerns. The nature of challenges has changed over time with new technologies becoming available, with the ongoing innovation and transition to the biobased economy, with an increasing share of the population living in urban areas, and with many markets becoming global. Some of these changes are subtle as borders between rural and urban areas are gradually disappearing and cities are integrating agricultural activities within their boundaries
The EAAE scientific community is key to providing insights into the economic challenges and opportunities arising from the changing expectations and requirements from markets and society on agriculture. The XV EAAE Congress aims to foster discussion and interaction among scholars with representatives from business, society and policy agencies

The EAAE board has appointed the Programme Committee to organise the scientific programme of the Congress. The Local Organising Committee and the Programme Committee are striving to arrange a very stimulating and innovative Congress programme consisting of organised sessions, organised panels, invited plenary presentations, contributed papers and poster as well as field trips

In particular, policy makers, societal stakeholders and agribusiness representatives shall contribute to the programme through organised panels which have an open format and do not require a scientific paperOrganised panels could be thought of a sort of “round table” discussion, moderated by an “external” figure to the presenting/debating panellists, which may also feature one or two presentations by academics. A formal scientific paper is not required to encourage the participation by NGOs, producer/industry groups representatives or any other stakeholder who may not be accustomed to submitting a formal paper. A 4 people panel, where academia, industry, NGO/stakeholder/societal groups and policy representatives are present and deliver their presentation/speech for 15 minutes each, may be the best format. The remaining 30 minutes could be employed for discussion – solicited by the moderator – or for answering questions from the audience. In order to facilitate stakeholder participation to the organised panels daily participation fees will be foreseen, in case a one day presence is anticipated
Hopefully, the XV EAAE Congress in Parma will provide an interactive platform for researchers and representatives from non-academic institutions.

Call for papers, organised sessions and posters

Contributed papers and posters as well as organised sessions are welcomed from all fields of agricultural, food, environmental and rural economics, and related disciplines

The deadlines for submission are:

  • Contributed Papers: February 7, 2017
  • Organised Sessions: March 15, 2017
  • Organised Panels: March 15, 2017
  • Contributed Posters: April 1, 2017

Notification of acceptance:

  • Contributed Papers: April 14,  2017
  • Organised Sessions: April 21, 2017
  • Organised Panels: April 21, 2017
  • Contributed Posters: April 21, 2017

Final versions of contributed papers and posters due: June 5, 2017

Contributions templates and guidelines for submission are available on the website, in the “Submissions” section

Meanwhile, you can also Stay in Touch with the organisation on the Social Media referenced throughout the website or via the Newsletter
Any help in spreading the word about the Call for Contribution and the Congress Social Media presence will be greatly appreciated!

Contribution Submission and Registration

Contribution submission and registration will be managed through ConfTool Pro, via the Congress website, or – directly – at

Conference registration (at a later date) will be possible only by participants with a valid EAAE membership. Please note that this condition will be strictly enforced!
To learn more about the benefits of and conditions for becoming an EAAE Member, please visit the Association page

The early opening of a ConfTool Pro account, besides the Congress Social Media and Newsletter, will guarantee you are up to date with any further detail on deadlines and the Congress itself

The flyer containing the Call for Contributions, Deadlines for Submission and other pieces of information related to the XV EAAE Congress is available for you to download and share here:

XV EAAE Congress Flyer


We look forward to seeing you in Parma in August 2017!


  • hello,
    TO YOU

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Hi Said, thank you very much for your comment and kind interest in the Congress. We appreciate your help in coordinating and cooperating with NGOs and National Associations in Africa. Please stay in touch for more details on how to organise dedicated sessions or round tables and other innovative formats at the Congress. For the time being, we would appreciate if you could share the news of our Congress within your network. Best regards, Mario

  • Innovations in the use of ‘big data’ for risk assessment and loss adjustment including issues of data ownership

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Hi Rosendo, thank you very much for your comment and your suggestion. We will definitely try to consider the issues you have suggested. Have a good day, best regards, Mario

  • Francis Wasswa ,

    The issue of access to credit and agricultural productivity in developing countries like Uganda. Another issue is impact of non-agricultural household enterprise on food security. Other issues that be considered are urbanisation, migration and food security.

    Bravo my brother Mario.

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Hi Francis, my brother, nice hearing from you with this well-placed comment! The topics you highlight are definitely very interesting and very important with respect to agricultural economics and, broadly speaking, food security. I really hope you will have the opportunity to submit a piece of work for consideration, then we will try sorting the other issues 😉
    Thanks for appreciating our work and, please, do spread the word about the Congress among your contacts. Will email you with some updates at some point in the future! My blessing and best wishes to you and the family, Mario

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Dear all, thank you so much for being patient with us while we have been working towards organising the XV EAAE Congress. This is a brief message to let any visitor know that the Templates for Submission of Proposals have been released and are available on the “Submissions” page. Head over there to collect the Template for the Contribution which suits you the most!
    Should any question remain unanswered, please get back to me with a query, comment or message. Looking forward to be hearing from you, best, Mario

  • Are there any fees to join to the conference? Can phd students submit a paper (or a poster)?
    Best Regards

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Hi Giovanni, thank you very much for your interest in the Congress and for your question. We will be publishing the Congress fees very soon. However, we hope they will represent a good deal for all the participants! PhD students are welcome, and encouraged, to submit their contribution to the Congress. We will setup the sessions such that you will have comments from another participant and, hopefully, benefit the most from participating in the Congress. Looking forward to be receiving your submission, please do not hesitate to contact us should anything remain unclear. Best, Mario, on behalf of the LOC

  • Gabriella Vindigni ,

    I propose to dedicate a special section with a focus on biotechnological innovation and their sustainability in a changing world. This can be an umbrella theme which includes different type of innovation in agricultural environment. The issue of property rights (IPRs) in plant improvement has raised many concerns. IPRs may affect the accessibility and availability of a large number of agricultural products, undermining food security.
    Best regards

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Dear Gabriella, thank you so much for your interest in the XV EAAE Congress and for taking the time to leave a message here! We are really appreciative! The theme you are proposing is very interesting indeed and would be of great benefit to the XV EAAE congress audience. Regarding the format of this “special section” you might want to think about an Organised Session, should you be interested in keeping it within academia only, or an Organised Panel, should you have thought of contributors from the professional practise or the stakeholder community. Otherwise, if you were willing to work hard on the organisation, there is always the Pre-Congress Symposium format 😉 Should you have any additional question or need, please do not hesitate to contact the LOC. Looking forward to be receiving your Submission, have a good day! Best, Mario

  • Ajap Akamin ,

    Can travel and accommodation support be made available for young scientists and PhD students from African Universities?

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Dear Ajap, thank you very much for your interest in our Congress and for getting in touch with your kind query. Unfortunately, the Local Organising Committee is not endowed with much resources which can be allocated to sponsorships and other types of support. However, our “sister” association AES has some funds which will be employed to finance assistance to eligible prospective participants to the XV EAAE Congress! Therefore, we encourage you to visit the dedicated page to check the Terms, Conditions, Requirements and the Application Forms. We hope this financing opportunity can be of help. Best regards, Mario

  • Mario Veneziani ,

    Hi Francis, my brother, I hope you are doing well at the beginning of the year 2017! Regards to the family too!!! I do not know whether you are still interested in our Congress but I just wanted to let you know that our “sister” association AES has made some funds avaialble to finance assistance to eligible prospective participants to the XV EAAE Congress! Therefore, we encourage you to visit the dedicated page to check the Terms, Conditions, Requirements and the Application Forms. We hope this financing opportunity can be of help. Warmest hugs, Mario

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